This was my first book. We just took all the stories that I would talk about every week on Tokyo FM and assembled them into one book. Illustration was by Mr. Monsiour Kamayatsu. Out of print today. Find it on the used book section.

2005 戎光祥出版


100 of my stories in a short essay version. Non Fiction, Two pages for each story. You can read this one between stops on the Yamanote Line. My first print collaboration with artist Yusuke Hanai.

2015 Bueno!Books


I originally went to Parco Publishing with an idea for a book about work experiences and what we can learn from every job. But alas, they wanted a guide to Kamakura, since I am known as the Kamakura guy. It is my take on a guide to Kamakura, not just a restaurant guide, but a guide to the philosophy of why it is so wonderful to live here. I introduce restaurants, but not one menu is included.

2016 パルコ出版
ジョージ・カックルのWELL WELL WELL : スローでメローな人生論

A collection of past writings taken from magazine articles plus some new stories. Once again art work by Yusuke Hanai.

2019 小学館

BEACH GLASS ジョージ・カックル/花井祐介 (著)

A short story about children and the ecology they encounter at the beach. Here is a review in America of the book. Art by Yusuke Hanai."The ocean takes something bad that we humans did, and turns it into something beautiful."
Illustrated by Yusuke Hanai, Beach Glass is a modern day fable centred on respect for the beach, the restoring powers of mother nature and the kindness of strangers.
George Cockle's humbling tale proves an original and thought provoking way to think about our relationship to mother nature, especially as ocean lovers. Highly recommended for children of all ages, especially those with kids of their own!
Bueno! Books are a 1% for the Planet member, and have pledged to give one percent of all their sales to grassroots environmental organisations.
Bueno! Booksは1% for the Planetのメンバーであり、すべての売上の1%を草の根環境団体に寄付することを誓っています。

Ordinary People 花井祐介

A collection of artworks by Yusuke Hanai. Self published and sold out immediately. I got to write the introduction.

2017 Flotsam Studio

新版 湘南ハイク 鎌倉・逗子・葉山・横須賀・三浦の山と海歩き

An interesting book about the hiking trails in the Shonan Area. A must have if you want to ramble around the Shonan area, long and short trails for everyone. I had an opportunity to be interviewed for this book.

2017 Bueno!Books

Back On The Highway  Akira Kobayashi

A great collection of stories and photographs by the great photographer Akira Kobayashi of his time spent in California and other areas of America during the 60’s and 70’s. Along with his engaging stories there is a large section of conversations between the two of us.

2017 Bueno!Books


A great collection of essays by the great surfer Gerry Lopez. We had to opportunity to oversee the translation.


75/85 SURFING Japan

A collection featuring artists from the Surf community here in Japan. Photographers, artist and essayists. I was lucky to be included with a few short stories.

2009 Bueno!Books